Urban EV Pt 4 : Tesla M3 Purchase

After a holiday hiatus, I am here to report that I now own an all-electric vehicle! The dream is finally a reality and I have been enjoying silently gliding around the world for almost two week now. Ultimately, I decided to take delivery of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus that I had ordered a while back. I still have a lot more to say about electric vehicles and the factors I considered before deciding on the right vehicle for me. I will continue to write about my analysis so that others may benefit from it. As I have stated before, I am not particularly a car enthusiast nor am I a Tesla fan-boy and so I will continue to try to present my thoughts without bias from the perspective of an average person who wants own an electric vehicle for their everyday life.

Now that I actually own a Model 3, I am looking forward to relaying my real world experiences with charging and efficiency that I had a lot of questions about before owning the car. Also, before actually purchasing a car, I had a lot of questions about insurance and unforeseen costs that I was having trouble getting good answers to before diving in. Now having gone through the whole process, I have concrete numbers on this so hopefully I can provides some illumination so that future buyers can be better informed than me.