Urban EV

This is a blog series about my journey to own a electric car without a garage.

  • Urban EV PT 3: e-MPG
    The Conclusion If you are like me I like to the get to the good stuff right from the start, get confused (and motivated), and then learn the explanation. So right here is the big chart of numbers this post is all about for me and what I spent the last couple weeks learning about. … Read more
  • Urban EV Pt 2: Test Drives
    After getting the parking spot last Friday things kicked into high gear and I begin test driving cars. So far I have driven the Kona, Niro, Model 3 and a Bolt (I threw in an Ioniq hybrid since I was already at Hyundai). My first impression is that electric cars are amazing! They are quiet … Read more
  • Urban EV Pt 1: Over Coming
    This is the first in a series of posts about owning and operating an electric only vehicle in an urban environment. I, myself, live in an apartment and commute approximately 80 miles each day (40 miles each direction), of which about 35 miles are on the highway and the other 5 miles on city streets. … Read more

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